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Diabetic Foot Care

What Are Diabetic Socks?

When you think about all of the items that people with diabetes use in order to assist with dealing with their disease, chances are you never consider the importance of socks. Diabetic socks are not only an actual product, they also provide a valuable service for those who are trying to make the most of their condition.

Diabetic socks work much the same way as a regular sock by serving as a protective barrier between the foot and a shoe. But diabetic socks are much more than that. Their design, material and function separate them from regular socks.

Diabetic socks allow more oxygen to the feet which allows them to breathe easier and eliminate the possibility for the growth of bacteria or fungus. Giving way to air flow keeps feet fresh and is much more effective in controlling moisture. This is accomplished by using anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties in its multi-wicker fiber yarn. They are also used to increase blood circulation. This is of vital importance to those living with diabetes who have to routinely contend with this issue. They give proper support without being restrictive.

When looking at the design of a diabetic sock you can see that the top weave is larger to allow for proper stretching, which greatly reduces binding. The overall texture is specifically made to cut down on friction or irritation from use.

The right diabetic sock should also be white, or at least light colored. This gives the user immediate notification of an ulcer or an open wound on the foot. It should also be seamless in design since many diabetics are very acutely sensitive to seams or have nerve damage that can be aggravated from walking on seams.



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